Flow Plates

Directional Flow Equipment centre with end section

Allpark's directional flow plates and equipment offer an affordable solution to traffic control. This centre with end section is 600mm long x 490mm wide, with each unit being 50mm in height, the equivalent of a 5mph speed ramp. There are 5 sprung cartridges per unit and dependant on your surface type the unit can is anchored using either tarmac or concrete fixings.

Benefits of these flow plates:

  • Highly visible flow plate with red reflective studs
  • Has second function as acting as a flow plate but also as a speed ramp so slow traffic down significantly
  • Easily maintained as each cartridge can be simply removed and either sent in for replacement or replaced easily by the owner
  • Highly sprung so works for years unlike other similar products
  • Easy to install as they are surface mounted

For more information please feel free to call one of our highly trained specialists who will be able to advise you on the correct product.

Directional Flow Plates

These surface mounted directional flow plates are especially suited to areas where excavations cannot be carried out such as in multi storey car parks to offer and affordable solution.

These units are extremely robust and have been designed in mind with the fact they will receive continuous use. With an 8mm thick steel durbar top plate these directional flow plates are finished in high visibility yellow RAL standard colour 1023.

  • Optional extra to provide lock down facility to allow temporary two way flow.
  • Optional extra to coat with hot dip galvanised finish prior to colour coating.
  • Very low maintenance
  • Rubber buffers to dampen noise of operation
  • Suitable for most road going vehicles including HGVs

HGV Traffic Control Plate

The HGV traffic control plate is a mono directional and acts to deter unauthorised access by vehicles trying to enter in the wrong direction.

These plates are built to the highest standard offering a robust solution. Manufactured from heavy duty chequer plate steel and a sophisticated in-built counter balance or heavy duty spring action ensures that it returns to it's upright position after a vehicle has passed over it. The HGV traffic control plate is surface mounted so ideal for concrete application.
We heavily recommend the use of speed ramps and warning signage in conjunction with flow plates.