HGV Traffic Control Plate

HGV Traffic Control Plate£250.00

Recessed Heavy Duty Flow Plate

Recessed Heavy Duty Flow Plate£200.00

Sharks Teeth Ramp

Sharks Teeth Ramp£240.00

Economy Flow Plate Ramps

Economy Flow Plate Ramps£165.00

Standard Flow Plate

Standard Flow Plate£116.67

Barracuda Ramp Deflator

Barracuda Ramp Deflator£400.00

Directional Flow Plate

Directional Flow Plate£300.00

HGV Flow Plate

HGV Flow Plate£250.00


Flowplates Ltd are specialist manufactures of flow plates and directional traffic equipment. Our experience within the industry is unparalleled and as such our team have been manufacturing flow plates for the past 12 years which means that when it comes to providing the correct solution and the right product Flowplates.co.uk should be your only choice.

HGV, standard flow plates and traffic control plates are an effective way of controlling traffic flow and direction in car parks, business facilities, housing complexes or anywhere with low, medium or high traffic areas. Flowplates.co.uk offer 6 products that provide different solutions to traffic flow regulation, all of our products are manufactured in the UK from various gauges of mild steel depending on its weight requirements and powder coated (European Standards BSEN13438 and BSDEN15773) in yellow to ensure maximum visibility.

Our products are not designed to damage vehicles however if driven onto the wrong way it may cause tyre damage.

We strongly recommend that speed humps and road signs are used in conjunction with the traffic flow equipment.

All products can be mounted to concrete or tarmac surfaces.

Contact a member of staff for complex or large scale projects or alternatively simply order on-line. .