Heavy Duty Double Leaf Height Barrier with Swing Gate
 Heavy Duty Double Leaf Height Barrier with Swing GateHeavy Duty Double Leaf Height Barrier with Swing Gate 

Heavy Duty Double Leaf Height Barrier with Swing Gate


Key Features:

  • Double Leaf Heavy Duty Opening Height Barrier system with lockable swing gate
  • Ultimate Heavy Duty option providing both strength and security
  • Excellent security option as both height barrier and swing gate can be locked
  • Ideal for areas which need a strong steel height barrier which can prevent all access when required.
  • Can be locked in the open and closed position
  • Ideal for Country Parks, Universities, Schools, Commercial and Industrial sites
  • Allows temporary access for all vehicles when required
  • When closed, prevents sided vehicles or caravans entering
  • Available in economy or heavy duty options
  • Available in variable width sizes from 6m 12m
  • Varying heights options available 1.9m to 2.4m
  • Surface Fixed or Root Fixed options
  • Galvanised and or Powercoated / Painted options
  • Optional opening latch post (recommended), painted option, knocking bar and warning signage available

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Catch Post:  
Reflective Adhesive Tape:  

Lead Time:  10 - 15 working days

Our Price:  £2,572.50(Exc. 20% VAT)(£3,087.00 Inc. VAT)

Heavy Duty Double Leaf Height Barrier with lockable swing gate.Ê ÊLockable Swing Gate available in both single or double gate.Ê Height barrier and gate can both be locked in the open and or shut position to provide different access options for vehicles.Ê This provides additional security, especially in areas where there is a need to restrict access after hours, such as a Country Park with closing times.
This is a very popular option with, shopping centres, train stations, local authorities and public car parks.ÊÊ

The height barrier and swing gate combination allows for 3 types of position / access:

  • Height Barrier & Swing Gate closed Ð prevents all access
  • Height Barrier closed Ð Swing Gate open Ð allows vehicles of correct height entry
  • Height Barrier & Swing Gate open Ð allows all vehicles access

Manufactured from galvanised steel and painted finish to provide a durable and effective product.Ê Optional extras available such as a painted finish, knocking bar , Êsignage, and root fixed or surface fixed options and optional swing gate to prevent access during closing times.

Specification - HEAVY DUTY:

Upright Post: 100 x 100 x 5mm Steel Box Section (May Increase To 150 x 150 x 5mm Dependent on Height & Width)
Finish: Hot Dip Galvanised and or Painted

Surface Mounted Base Plate: 500 x 500 x 10mm with Gusset steel construction
Root Fixed: 600 mm dig in post with spigots for concreting into ground


Root Fixed - Recommended size for the concrete foundation is 700x700x700mm deep as a minimum for main posts. Opening Latch Post foundation should be a 300mm cube.

Surface Fixed - Main post requires 4 no 16mm bolts for the two upright posts. The base size is 500x500x10mm
Catch post requires 4 no 12mm bolts

** Opening latch post – strongly recommended as a safety measure

** This product is supplied as Galvanised. If Powdercoated and Galvanised option is selected, this will have an additional cost and will extend the lead time.

** Please note that this product is not suitable for marine environments unless Galvanised and Powercoated option is selected.

** Bespoke sizes are available and will be made to order. Please choose the next standard size up and specify on your order what exact size you require us to manufacture. Please note that if no bespoke size is selected, the height barrier will be made to the standard size selected.

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