Plasma arrives

9 May 2019  |  Admin

Flow plates are pleased to announce that our new CNC PD510HD Plasma table has finally been commissioned is now in daily operation. As a part of our continued expansion and growth plans our latest round of investment came at a cost 60k. Our cutting ability means that we can cut a 3m x 1m 10mm checker plate within 1 hour, in other words we are able to cut 25 HGV flow plates an hour.

We are able to cut up to 24mm mild steel, 18mm Stainless steel and 16mm aluminium sheet. Our bed size is 3m x 1.5m.

If you have any specific cutting requirements for your flow plates please contact a member of our sales team.

This has brought many advantages to our many clients, our production turn around times have significantly reduced. We are able to offer a broader range of products, and our product development programme has been greatly improved.

Direct benefits to our clients are:

1. Outstanding pricing, we are able to maintain amazing pricing in a market place that has seen significant material cost rises.
2. We can offer bespoke solutions when required.
3. Our lead times for our product range have significantly improved.
4. Our range of flow plates, one way traffic control products and alligator teeth products is now unrivalled.

To compliment our cutting ability we are in the final stages of commissioning our 175 Ton Press, further information will be released shortly.