Speed Humps

5 May 2019  |  Admin

Speed Hump is a wider and lower version of the Speed Bump. Speed Humps are used on local roads, and aim to reduce speed to 10 15 mph. Often found around playgrounds and schools where speed can endanger pedestrians. They act as both a visual deterrent to speeding, as well as creating a gentle rocking motion as the cars travel over them.

Speed Bumps are a more aggressive traffic calming option, and aim to slow traffic to 5 10 mph. They are commonly used in car parks, and areas where cars and pedestrians share close space. The design of the speed bump has a shorter and more rounded curvature shape, which when the cars drive over creates a more noticeable and abrupt bounce. When placed correctly the speed bump is a very effective means of slowing traffic down and making areas safer for pedestrians.

The Speed Bump works best when the driver knows that they are there. This is aided by the reflective cats eyes / chevrons on the Speed Bump, as well as the use of alternative black and yellow pieces making them more visible. It is also highly advisable to have warning signage on display to assist in making the Speed Bump user aware of their presence.

When installed in the correct car park environment, Speed Bumps are a highly effective tool in making car parks safer for pedestrians and other road users.